Electroneum.ovh | PPLNS Electroneum Mining Pool

EU located Electroneum mining pool launched on 11/15/17! Only 0.5% fees!
Payouts every 30 minutes, 5 ETN min. You will be credited after the found block has matured.
Mining address: etn-eu.cryptominingpool.eu:3333 (port 3333, 5556, 6666 or 7777)
DO NOT mine directly to your Cryptopia wallet or any other exchange wallet address! DDOS protected, 100% uptime
New: Come chat on our Discord channel

New server address etn-eu.cryptominingpool.eu with a new database, old database infos are still here old pool

Create a new Electroneum Wallet

Use your Electroneum Wallet

Restore your Electroneum Wallet with seed words

Import your Electroneum Wallet with existings Wallet files

Use the GUI wallet (unofficial)

You can find it at Electroneum GUI Wallet. This was created by someone from outside the Electroneum company but the source code is public.
Download it, extract it to a folder, open the folder and click on "ElectroneumGUIWallet.exe" to launch it.